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Dina Grossman Moshe was born in 1946 in New York City where she studied art at The Brooklyn Museum Art School and Brooklyn College. She received her B.A. cum laude in 1966 and was awarded the All Arts Award for excellence in all the plastic arts. Her work in hard edge abstraction developed under the influence of Ad Reinhardt and Paul Waldman.


In addition to continuing to work in the hard edge genre, Dina has done a series of political work, seascapes and trees. The flag print, "Blood, Ashes, Soul", is dedicated to the events of 9/11; it is a limited edition silkscreen, printed at Harel Studios in Yafo/Tel-Aviv. It hangs in the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Consulate in New York and  at Police Headquarters in New York City; it is also part of the collection at The President’s House in Jerusalem.


Dina moved to Israel in 1979. Today, she lives in Nahariya with her husband Naftali.    

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